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Special Belts Printing

Special Belts Printing

TransDev Special Belts division has invested in a specialist printer for belts printing to support its trade and distributor customers, as well as OEMs. The individual part marking of special belts is now possible with this specialist marking kit, that is designed to offer a range of mono personalisation options.

Printing can be applied to PU belts, as well as most backings/covers. Vacuum and flighted/profiled belts can also be printed, subject to there being space available for any marking away from holes, slots or flights and profiles.

The other good news is the service is free, with the only exception being Synchroflex belts supplied ‘plain’ from stock. Synchroflex belts with customised print will attract a small service charge.

Printing Options (Black);

  • Customer logo
  • Customer name
  • TransDev Belt Part No.
  • Customer Part No.
  • Direction of run
  • Cover type

Scanning of Markings

In addition the printer opens up the potential to add barcodes or QR codes to enable scanning by robots, handheld and similar devices to automate a robotic task, or just to help maintenance personnel identify a belt via a hyperlink to a web page or document.

To learn more about this latest Special Belts service just ask your TransDev sales contact.



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