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Transmission Developments has launched a new range of polyurethane timing belts for extreme torques and high dynamic stress power transmission systems. The CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN with its specially developed CTD profile and ultra-durable materials structure combines high shear resistance and exceptional tensile strength in aggressively priced 8M and 14M pitch versions aimed at heaviest of duty positioning belt drive and chain replacement applications.

The range may be specified for original equipment power transmission on high performance production machinery, compressors, pumps, go-karts, motorcycles and other demanding high torque transfer applications. Over 55 belt lengths are available from 640 mm to 4480 mm and TransDev supplies matching pulleys in standard and custom machined versions.

The CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN features S and Z wound aramide chord tension members and advanced moulded polyurethane/polyamide fabric construction providing maximum resistance to belt elongation. Together with the CTD profile the design maximises resistance to dynamic stressing with an impressive specification of up to 40 m/s. The belts’ high stiffness is also impervious to tooth jumping at extreme torque transfer levels. The belt is finished with a smooth, low friction PE foil tooth surface for maximum efficiency and a smooth reverse side that suits the use of back pulleys for belt tensioning. These factors combine for the highest levels of torque transmission, exceptional high speed capability and long belt life, even under rapid direction reversal conditions.

The environmental capability of the CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN includes high resistance to chemicals, fuels, oil, grease, cleaning agents, UV and ozone attack – and a temperature range of -40ºC to +100ºC. With such high performance characteristics, no lubrication required and effectively zero maintenance, the range is an attractive alternative to chaindrives and will be of interest to designers and builders of high throughput manufacturing machinery, demanding processing equipment, heavy engineering and automotive industries.

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