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‘The Beast’ Range Catalogue has Arrived!

‘The Beast’ Range Catalogue has Arrived!

Our new desktop sized Range Catalogue is smaller than A4 making it easier to store and use on the desk. It features 864 tabbed pages, divided into 9 colour coded sections for quick and easy product selection.

The contents available at the front of the catalogue are supplemented by further breakdowns at the start of each section. A comprehensive alphabetical index is also available before the terms and conditions at the back of the catalogue. Together they should help readers find exactly the product they need, quickly and with an eye on any complimentary options or alternatives available via TransDev.

Product pages feature icons for cross referencing compatible products, to indicate where code building pages can be found and if products can be customised. This provides an excellent entry point to TransDev’s Special Belt and Special Manufacturing services, which go beyond standard products.

With improved overviews and descriptions and new product ranges, such as Transflex Rubber Belts, there is a wealth of content for customers to explore. TransDev have pulled out all the stops to provide the best catalogue possible and welcome feedback on how we can make future editions even better!

You can use the catalogue online right now by clicking here.

If you wish to order a hard copy of the Range Catalogue then you can do so by clicking here

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