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TransDev adds Esband™ and Werner GRAF endless flat belts

TransDev adds Esband™ and Werner GRAF endless flat belts

Transmission Developments has signed a UK distribution agreement with the endless flat belt specialist Max Schlatterer GmbH, bringing the premier Esband and Werner GRAF brands to its comprehensive range of belting products. 

These drive and conveyor belts are manufactured using a genuinely endless woven technique in a wide range of carcass materials and finished with special coatings that are matched to the friction coefficient, durability, speed and accuracy requirements for high precision/high performance power transmission and conveying. The range is characterised with application advantages such as low and uniform elongation, long operational life, excellent flexibility for small bending radii, high tear resistance plus extremely consistent tensile strength.. The truly endless belt design also allows the ability in manufacture to precisely control the belt thickness over its entire length, avoiding the step problem found in jointed alternatives; and with no splice or seam they are also extremely quiet in operation with no step-induced noise spike or vibration.

Esband drive and conveyor belts address the needs of specialists application areas and are custom manufactured with traction elements, coatings and finishes to optimise machine performance. They are widely used in packaging machinery for form-fill-seal and flow wrapping or precision infeed and outfeed conveying with design characteristics tuned for any combination of dry or wet grip, high or low speed, hygiene, and durability. They particularly suit food and beverage production machinery and weighing equipment and are available with perforations for vacuum processes, and processes requiring knife shaped edges and tight flexing radii. Esband belts are also critical process enabling components for paper handling machinery such as printing press, copiers, scanners, ticketing, ATMs, postal sorting machines and many more.

The GRAF range is available in a number of standard build configurations covering both stable length or elastic belt properties to suit applications where perfect running is critical. HEVALOID® standard belts are available for crowned pulley diameters from 4 mm to 40 mm and have a high and uniform tensile strength with polyester endless woven tensile members and synthetic rubber coatings (Chloroprene) which are antistatic and highly resistant to abrasion. CRELAST® elastic fold and conveyor belts are used for low power transmission and exacting conveyor use and are particularly suited to paper handing. They are supplied with chloroprene, nitrile, EP and silicon coatings. Solutus®- flat belts consist of endlessly wound polyester yarns with leather or fleece plies. They are used for very oily or wet processes as well as feeding and accumulating processes for folding/gluing machinery. A version is available with steel cords for specialist newspaper print friction drives.

Across both Esband and Werrner GRAF product lines, special processing and finishing is available to include ground surfaces, multiple layers, perforations for vacuum or air blowing processes, and machined or bonded features for flights. TransDev provides a complete design and application engineering service which also covers manufacturing for specialist crown pulleys for use with the endless flat belt range.

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