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Pin Joints for Belts Pioneered by TransDev

Pin Joints for Belts Pioneered by TransDev

TransDev are proud to have pioneered the first Pin Joints for timing belts. This was in response to the need for a way to easily assemble linear timing belts onsite.

A Pin Joint or ‘pin jointing’ utilises pins that are inserted into prepared holes in the belt teeth using a special tool; which TransDev developed for the purpose.

Assembly of Pin Joints

Assembly of Pin Joints for belts is simple and straightforward, with instructions supplied. TransDev estimates that assembly will take approximately 10 minutes after the cut ends of the belt have been positioned ready for joining. There should also be some means of adjustment to allow the pin jointed belt to be tensioned after joining.

Please note that the load figures of ‘pin jointed’ on site assembled joins are reduced when compared to normal welded joins. Each Pin Joint tool is designed and manufactured specifically for each pitch and width, so multiple tools would be necessary for machines using varying sizes.

The available pitches and width combinations are listed on our Onsite Mechanical Assembly page.

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