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Plastics Goes Large at Drives & Controls

Plastics Goes Large at Drives & Controls

The Drives & Controls exhibition at the NEC provided an ideal opportunity to showcase the extensive plastics expertise and product range available from TransDev.

The TransDev Plastics Division has four areas of operation:

  1. Transplas machined stock shapes covering primarily Polyethylene wear strip materials and a vast range of extruded profiles.
  2. Engineering plastic stock range covering semi-finished rod and sheet materials.
  3. Display plastic stock range including Perspex acrylic sheets.
  4. Transmould injection moulding.

Here are just some of the examples you could see on our exhibition stand. They illustrate how TransDev truly offer a complete plastics service and were produced in conjunction with our exhibition stand builder JP Displays, based in Poole.

  • Back-lit TV column and pillar sides built from Perspex electric Blue Frosted Cast Acrylic for eye-catching impact
  • Stand-off angled product counters built from Perspex Clear Cast Acrylic perfectly showcased products
  • Display back for plinth manufactured from Perspex Clear Cast Acrylic provided a backdrop to counter display without obstructing view through stand
  • Pulleys on display machined from TransDev supplied engineering plastics
  • Injection Moulding display case manufactured from Perspex Clear Acrylic
  • Stand-off Perspex Cast Acrylic Opal signage
  • Belt displays utilised hot glued Perspex Clear Acrylic Rod to prevent movement
  • All counters and plinth under-trays were back-lit and manufactured from Perspex Opal Cast Acrylic Sheet for subtle lighting effects
  • Injection moulded belt flights and profiles
  • Injection moulded sensor housings and pump badge samples
  • Transplas plastic belt and chain guide rails

TransDev hold large stocks of engineering and display plastics ready to ship. We also have a regularly updated list of offcuts which may just fit your requirements. You can discuss your display plastics, engineering plastics or injection moulding requirements with our team or learn more here.

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