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TransDev Widen the Gap with 800mm Extra Wide Timing Belts

TransDev Widen the Gap with 800mm Extra Wide Timing Belts

TransDev, the UK’s leading mechanical power transmission specialist have been producing PU extra wide timing belts as a slip-free alternative to flat belt conveying systems for several years. The wide timing belt range was previously available in customer specified widths of up to 450 mm but thanks to a newly developed manufacturing process, the maximum width has been extended to 800 mm, making it the widest commercially available timing belt in the UK. Available in T10 profile with Kevlar® tension members for exceptional strength and negligible stretch characteristics, the new range can be supplied in lengths of up to 80 metres for applications requiring tight synchronisation of product to process such as on-the-fly packaging, labelling and automated assembly. The wide timing belt range can also be used as an alternative to traditional chain drives where reduced noise, superior corrosion resistance, excellent anti bacterial properties and elimination of re-tensioning are positive benefits.

As with all timing belt products from TransDev, the wide timing belt range can be supplied with over 20 special backings for matching friction and/or antistatic properties. Precision ground finishes and welded profiles can also be included for product positioning and product nests. Vacuum holes and slots for securing components can be machined to suit and pushers and flights can be added to facilitate the customers’ manufacturing process.

For wide timing belt requirements in all other standard metric and imperial pitches, TransDev have also developed an advanced process for longitudinally welding single belts to achieve a double-width option. Through the range, this process allows a 300 mm width for AT20 belts and 150 mm widths for AT5. Timing belt widths can also be customised to suit application requirements.

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