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TransDev’s F&F range of power transmission belts

TransDev’s F&F range of power transmission belts

TransDev, offer a wide range of F&F Classical V, Wedge, Raw Edge and Multi-Rib power transmission belts for demanding industrial, agricultural and automotive applications.

With a very competitive pricing structure, ex-stock availability for the majority of the product range and with ISO 9001:2000 quality standard manufacture, these belts are aimed at original equipment, special purpose machinery and plant maintenance applications where a balance of high quality and economical cost are important factors.

Manufactured under the F&F brand name, the range has been produced in India for more than 30 years by the country’s leading industrial and automotive belt manufacturer. The company have three highly equipped manufacturing facilities and a strong reputation for pioneering quality standards in India; in addition to IS0 9001:2000 they have also attained ISO 14001:1996, ISO/TS 16949: 2002 and the API- American Petroleum Institute accredited License. All F&F Belts are manufactured in accordance with relevant international standards for power transmission such as ISO 4183 and 4184. They also conform to other corresponding standards such as DIN, RMA, IP, BS, API and JIS as well as the F. R. A. S. (Fire Resistant, Anti-Static) standard for fire hazard applications. The F&F range is exported to over 40 countries world-wide. As the exclusive distributor for the UK, TransDev provide a complete technical support service for the range with assistance on product selection and installation. A complete range of matching pulleys is also available from stock with customised designs on fast turnaround.

The F&F Classical V Belt is available in seven cross sectional sizes from 6 mm x 4 mm to 38 mm x 23 mm (width x height) to suit minimum pulley diameters from 20 mm to 500 mm and belt lengths of more than 15 m. The basic construction combines a rubber based medium with polyester cord reinforcement and a polyester/cotton fabric covering. The range is designed for rigorous operation with minimal stretch and a reliable tensioning capacity. Applications include factory equipment, conveying systems, mining and construction equipment, agricultural and automotive power transmission.

F&F Wedge Belts have similar characteristics as the classic range but are designed with a narrower section for use in space restricted applications. The Wedge Belt range is available in five versions with cross sectional sizes from 10 mm x 8 mm to 25 mm x 23 mm (width x height) and minimum pulley diameters from 56 mm for the smaller sizes to 335 mm for the largest. F&F Wedge Belts are available in a wide range of standard lengths up to 12.7 m.

Raw Edged Cogged Belts provide optimum power transmission. With seven cross section sizes from 10 mm x 6 mm to 22 mm x 14 mm in “classic” and “wedge” profiles, the full range can accommodate minimum pulley diameters from 40 mm to 160 mm with standard belt lengths from 0.5 m to 2.2 m.

A special Agricultural Belt profile provides a wider and flatter cross section. Available in two sizes of 45 mm x 20 mm and 50 mm x 22 mm, this range is suited to specific farm machinery applications such as combine harvester power transmission drives.

Also available from the TransDev F&F range are Poly V / Multi-Rib Belts which are suited to a wide range of light to heavy industrial power transmission applications where maximum power is required. With its multiple V section providing a larger surface contact area, these belts can transmit power with a much higher flexibility than single V section types and are capable of withstanding high frequency flexing without accelerated wear and will help reduce belt noise in noise-sensitive environments. They also provide a long service life with minimal maintenance for applications such as office machines, printing presses, electric tools, household appliances and machine tools.

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