Haul Off

The Haul Off Package for the Extrusion Industry

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TransDev offer the most comprehensive Haul Off package for the Extrusion Industry. Haul-off/puller belts are mainly used in the plastics and cable industries to pull extruded profiles.

The characteristics of many TransDev timing belts can be modified by applying one or more backings and enabling infinite different designs for conveying applications. Specific haul off belt properties such as high or low coefficient of friction, soft, hard or compressible can all be achieved with a backing. Using a thick backing affects the flexibility and hence the minimum pulley diameter, but slotting the backing can improve the flexibility. We can bond our backing materials to virtually any base belt for use as haul off belts and puller belts. We can currently process belts to a length of 90 metres and to a width of 600mm.

Haul-Off Belts
Haul-off Belt
Attachment Chain

Haul off Belts

  • 20+ cover types
  • Large base belt stocks
  • Full machine shop profiling
  • In-house design
  • Pulleys
  • Manufactured in the UK


  • Full Quick Release System
  • Lightweight Aluminium base plates
  • High specification Polyurethane coating


  • Rubber topped chain
  • Sprockets and chain guides
  • Attachment chain from stock


  • Extensive expertise
  • Free site surveys
  • Short lead-times
  • Competitively priced

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