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Versatile Injection Moulding Service

Versatile Injection Moulding Service

Transform your projects with Transmould. TransDev’s versatile injection moulding service is perfectly matched to your requirements. As well as injection moulding a range of pulleys, gears and belt profiles, TransDev moulds products for a wide range of industries.


TransDev has invested in modular tooling. This approach reduces tooling costs through the use of mould inserts, enabling a faster and more cost efficient project. If you have your own existing moulds we can also usually adapt these onsite to also save on costs.

Injection Moulding Process

TransDev utilises state of the art injection moulding machinery. Plastic injection moulding involves melting plastics down to a liquid form. The liquified plastic is then forced into a mould cavity. We can support short and long runs of product, whilst providing advice on the entire process; from inception through to delivery.

  1. Clamping: Ahead of the injection and cooling processes the injection mould machine holds the pressure onto the mould
  2. Injection: Plastic is melted down and fed into the mould in order to create the desired product.
  3. Dwelling: The process is paused so that the plastic can fill all of the mould cavities.
  4. Cooling: The now solid product is given time to cool.
  5. Mould Opening & Ejection: The finished moulded plastic product is released from the injection moulding machine.

Transmould is the economical, easy and flexible injection moulding service.

Technology and Expertise

  • State of the art machinery
  • 3D CAD modelling
  • Expert sales and engineering contacts
  • In-house design
  • Manufactured in the UK

Rapid Prototyping and Production

  • CAD to prototyping
  • Testing to tooling
  • Production to delivery

Injection Moulding Services

  • Contract moulding
  • Tool adaptation
  • Modular tooling

Injection Moulding Examples

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Injection Moulding Materials

  • ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • ASA – Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylonite
  • GPS – General Purpose Styrene
  • HIPS – High Impact Polystyrene
  • LDPE – Low Density Polyethylene
  • LLDPE – Linear Low Density Polyethylene
  • MDPE – Medium Density Polyethylene
  • HDPE – High Density Polyethylene
  • PA – Polyamide (Nylon 6, 6.6) Unfilled and Glass-Filled
  • PBT – Polybutylene Terephthalate
  • PC – Polycarbonate
  • PC/ABS – Polycarbonate/Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • PES – Polyethersulphone
  • PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate
  • PMMA – Polymethyl Methacrylate (Acrylic)
  • POM – Polyoxymethylene (Acetal)
  • PP – Polypropylene (Homopolymer and Copolymer) Unfilled, Glass-Filled and Talc-Filled
  • PPO – Polyphenylene Oxide
  • PSU – Polysulphone
  • PVDF – Polyvinylidene Fluoride
  • SAN – Styrene Acrylonitrile Copolymer
  • SBS – Styrene Butadiene Styrene Copolymer
  • TPR – Thermoplastic Rubber (Elastomer)
  • TPU – Thermoplastic Urethane (Elastomer)
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