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NEW Poly-Vflex Convey Drive Belts

NEW Poly-Vflex Convey Drive Belts

TransDev brings conveyor technology to peak perfection with a range of roller conveyor belts.

Poly-Vflex Roller Conveyor Belts are the efficient alternative to conveyor systems that currently use round, flat and timing belts or chain. They reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs whilst delivering greater power and speed.


  • Elasticated nylon cord, so no (re)tensioning required
  • Versatile belt replaces multiple systems
  • Easy to fit and low maintenance
  • Minimises noise and prevents jumping
  • Reduces motor requirements and energy consumption
  • Durable and reliable in upto 24/7 operation
  • 2 and 3 rib variants available for standard rollers
  • Available from stock for next day delivery

Typical Applications

  • Ideal for delicate and vibration sensitive items
  • Perfect for heavier loads

The Simple and Economical Alternative


Size Ribs LE (mm)
2EPJ 2 286
2EPJ 2 336
3EPJ 3 236
3EPJ 3 246
3EPJ 3 256
3EPJ 3 265
3EPJ 3 270
3EPJ 3 286
3EPJ 3 290
3EPJ 3 302
3EPJ 3 314
3EPJ 3 336
3EPJ 3 346
3EPJ 3 376
3EPJ 3 388

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