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Esband Paper Straw Production Belts

Esband Paper Straw Production Belts

Paper straw production belts help deliver a more sustainable alternative to banned plastic straws.

The basic drinking straw made of polyethylene or polypropylene has been banned since 2021. The more eco-friendly alternative is paper straws.

Esband tube winder belts are perfectly suited for paper straw production. They are manufactured from an endless base material and therefore have no join, providing durability and reliability in every situation. Furthermore, their transparent material prevents any abrasion on the final product.

Reducing the frequency of replacing the belts, by increasing their lifespan in comparison to other regular processing belts, makes an additional positive contribution to the fragile environment.


  • Endless Polyester base material
  • Ground surface
  • Smooth running performance
  • Long service life
  • Tear-resistant and longitudinal stability
  • Constant high friction
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Not antistatic
  • Uncoloured or blue
  • Food approved

Typical Applications

  • Paper straw production
  • Any other kind of paper or cardboard straws e.g. toilet paper rolls, kitchen rolls, rolls for industrial packaging.


  • Length 400 – 6000 mm*
  • Width 5.0 – 1000 mm*
  • Thickness 1.3 mm

Coating Carcass Material Hardness
(+/- 5)
FDA Max Temp (°C) Min Pulley Dia. (mm) Pretension (N/mm)** Antistatic
GX Polyester 70 Shore A Yes -10 to 80 40 13 No

*Length is inside length, whilst possible widths depend on the length required.
**Recommended pretension for 1mm width endless, at standard thickness and when using the belt as a drive belt

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