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Large scale food distribution operations provide many automation challenges whether you are a supermarket, other retailer or food  distributor. From hygiene and handling of delicate items through to environmental requirements and freshness, the suitability, reliability and availability of machinery components are key factors.

Downtime can be brutal on profitability when customers expect fresh goods on well stocked shelves; especially when there is so much choice available via competitor retailers and distributors. Smaller local stock holdings and ‘just-in-time’ deliveries also place even greater demands on picking and movement of goods.

With the packaging process often completed at distribution centres, it is vital that food items remain fresh and safe during transportation. For instance vacuum packaging machines are extensively used to package and repackage goods and these rely on complex machined vacuum belts, which can be supplied by TransDev.

TransDev has a wide range of components for hygienic environments that help drive automation, picking, packaging and conveying applications. You can learn more in our Food and Beverage industry brochure as well as our Warehouse Automation Industry Brochure and below.

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