TransDev offers products to customers in a wide range of industries. Just click on the images below to learn more.

Agricultural Conveying and Drives


Agriculture is a demanding application for power transmission components, which must cope with the outside elements as well as mud, dust, debris, and chemicals. TransDev’s focus on quality helps ensure that machinery performance is optimised regardless of the task, intensity or operating environment.

Robotics and Automation Conveying and Drives


The promise of automation is one based on consistency, robustness efficiency and speed of delivery. The benefits are applied from the simplest to the most complex processes. To this end the components involved are essential to success, whether it be a semi-automated or ‘Industry 4.0’ solution. TransDev work with customers to optimise the efficiency of their power transmission components and help them maximise the impact of their wider investment.

Construction Conveying and Drives


The Construction industry has embraced the ecological agenda whilst meeting demands to build quicker, higher and more cost effectively. Equipment and plant must be able to push the limits of performance and function. TransDev power transmission and conveying products help fast track products and projects.

Military Conveying and Drives


Military applications for power transmission products are varied but share common factors. The need to operate at the highest level in varied environments and the robustness to withstand the toughest of tasks reliably and in situations where spares may not be easily available. Remote operated vehicles are just one of the vital defence applications which require the careful selection of components and TransDev expertise.

Engineering design of Conveyors and Drives


TransDev is proud of its over 50 years of expertise in Power Transmission. It is of no surprise that designers, engineers and design houses see us as a first port of call for advice and assistance in specifying power transmission components and solutions. Our Technical team are on hand to provide guidance and help optimise the most unique solutions. They relish the challenge of meeting or exceeding the most demanding design briefs.

Exhibition and Display Plastics

Display & Exhibition

TransDev is a distributor and fabricator of plastic to the display and exhibition industry. Whether you are a stand designer, shopfitter, photographer, creative agency or sign maker we have a wide range of plastics from Perspex and other suppliers available. We can also perform fabrication tasks from cutting to size to routing to meet your specific requirements. As an Authorised Perspex Distributor we have the expertise and stock to fulfil an enormous range of creative requirements.

Distribution Conveying and Drives

Distributor & Trade

TransDev works with over 700 global distribution and trade partners. Qualifying companies can access offers, special terms and in some cases support. Our network of Distribution and Trade partners offer another way to purchase TransDev products may couple that with specialist industry knowledge that can add real value for niche or geographic markets. If you are a Distributor, Trader or Retailer then just click to learn more.

Energy Drives


The energy industry covers everything from oil and gas extraction to solar, wind and wave. exploration and production, transportation and storage, or processing and refining The pressure to produce energy at a lower cost whilst maintaining safety standards puts the emphasis firmly on quality and reliability. TransDev has the brands that you need to ensure standards and delivery do not suffer.

Food and Beverage Conveying and Drives

Food & Beverage

Food manufacturing, preparation and packaging areas bring with them their own set of unique requirements. From moisture to extreme temperatures components must operate whilst adhering to strict contamination, health, safety and environmental rules. The right components can have a positive impact on productivity and profitability, whilst cutting energy and consumption costs and reducing costly downtime.

Heavy Industry Conveying and Drives

Industrial Machinery

TransDev provides an extensive range of power transmission and conveying components for the manufacturing, repair and maintenance of industrial machinery. We have strong relationships with OEMs, maintenance and repair organisations and the trade. Our products are recognised global brands and are trusted for their quality, performance and robustness in the most demanding of industrial applications.

Transport Conveying and Drives


Logistics is about moving large amounts of goods effectively and reliably with profitability. Smaller local stock holdings and ‘just-in-time’ deliveries place even greater demands on picking and movement of goods. Having the right power transmission and conveying components is critical to ensuring profit margins and reputations are maintained in an increasingly competitive and demanding market.

Maintenance Conveying and Drives

Maintenance, Repair and Spares

TransDev has a large stock holding of standard power transmission components. Our pulley and belt stocks are one of the largest in the UK, with next day deliveries and nearly 100% picking accuracy. In addition, our manufacturing and special belts facilities provide custom options unavailable at many other suppliers. Combine that with rapid turnaround times and you have the perfect partner to help you maintain your critical equipment and avoid costly downtime.

Manufacturing Conveying and Drives


OEMs rely on TransDev components for both their plant and machinery as well as their products. We work closely with customers to ensure that production lines are optimised and critical power transmission and conveying components are fit for purpose. Due to their reliability and recognised brand names OEMs are also happy to specify our components in their products. The competitive pricing that we offer, across a wide range of options, also ensures that production costs are minimised and specifications closely matched.

Pharmaceutical Conveying and Drives

Medical and Pharmaceutical

The manufacturing, movement and processing of pharmaceutical and medical products is subject to strict health & safety guidelines and regulation. Working within strict environmental parameters, components used by Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical companies must often withstand toxic and corrosive substances as well as extremes in temperature. TransDev can advise and work with you to find the best power transmission and conveying solutions for your requirements.

Mining Conveying and Drives


Mining and mineral extraction places extreme demands on components; such as heavy loads, challenging temperatures, abrasive dust and dirt. Equipment can be difficult to maintain due to the very same conditions, whilst stringent environmental, health and safety regulations offer further challenges. Downtime can result in major costs being incurred and with certain minerals commanding high prices this can result in significant lost revenue.

Robotics Conveying and Drives


Robotics Like automation the robotics industry is making giant strides (often literally) to increase the possibilities and potential of whatever industry it is applied to. Whether it is changing the face of manufacturing or going places where no human can go, components must perform within tight parameters. Often at the cutting edge of technology, designers look to TransDev for expertise in optimising power and motion.

Packaging Conveying and Drives


TransDev has worked with major packaging machinery and packaging manufacturers. Our belts, chains and components are helping them to optimise production, cut costs and provide the very best packaging technologies and products to industry.

Aviation Conveying and Drives


Aerospace Often regarded as the ultimate safety environment, aerospace applications require the highest levels of reliability and consistency. From Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to the Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) companies our expertise and quality products are an excellent fit for aerospace applications.

Controls Conveying and Drives

Process & Controls

As with automation and robotics the precise control of automated processes is helping to increase productivity and quality. The components that contribute to this must be able to meet exacting specifications, which is where TransDev comes in. Our ranges provide users with the confidence that goes with using recognised brands from a company with over 50 years of industry experience. For precise solutions TransDev is your power transmission and conveying partner.

Logistics Conveying and Drives


Transport is about moving large amounts of goods effectively and reliably with profitability. Smaller local stock holdings and ‘just-in-time’ deliveries place even greater demands on picking and movement of goods. Having the right power transmission and conveying components is critical to ensuring profit margins and reputations are maintained in an increasingly competitive and demanding market.

Printer Conveying and Drives


TransDev supports the printing industry. Our belts, chains and components are helps printers to optimise production, cut costs whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality. With exposure to wash downs and precise calibration required, having the right components is essential.