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Linear Axis

Linear Axis

A Wide Range of Linear Axis

NTN-SNR Linear Axis are universally applicable modules that accommodate the steadily growing requirements for the automation of manufacturing processes.

They are suitable for the most diverse applications in various industries: factory automation, machine tools, electrical engineering/electronic hardware, automotive industry, printing
industry, special-purpose machines, clean-room applications in the semiconductor industry and the food industry.

The modular design of NTN-SNR linear axis allows a high degree of flexibility and can fulfil almost every customer request. They can be quickly combined with each other and integrated into existing systems. This also means lower assembling costs for the end user.

Compact AXIS


Size 40, 60, 80, 100, 120

  • Modular design, system universally applicable as single-axis and in complex multiple-axis systems
  • Different guiding and drive options
  • Belt drive in Omega design
  • Long-life and long-term maintenance free


Size 100

  • Based on the AXC series.
  • Available with tooth belt and screw drive
  • Specially developed to prevent the deposit of residues at the profile.
  • Specifically optimised for food, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industries applications

Precision AXIS


Size 15, 20, 26, 33, 46, 55

  • Extremely compact design and very rigid steel profile
  • High positioning accuracy

Parallel AXIS


Size: 110, 160, 240

  • Profile with high rigidity (especially with synchronous belt drive)
  • Protection against contamination for guide and drive system
  • Long-life and long-term maintenance free
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