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TransDev Is Open For Business and Has Your Back!

TransDev Is Open For Business and Has Your Back!

Business status: Normal opening hours apply
Visiting TransDev: Deliveries, Collections OK. Visitors by appointment only
Stock status: Good stock levels (£4M+ of standard components)
Manufacturing status: Ask for latest lead times
Special Belts status: Ask for latest lead times
Plastics status Ask for latest lead times

With reference to the impact of the Coronavirus on your relationship with TransDev, it is important to bear in mind that first and foremost we are both a Manufacturer and Distributor. We source motion components whilst also having a large manufacturing capacity for pulleys, gears, sprockets and belts. Our business philosophy is firmly based on utilising our strong financial position to ensure we have the stock and capabilities to support our customers. How do we do this?

  1. By investing in high levels of stock availability
  2. Maintaining multiple sources of supply
  3. Offering leading brands
  4. In-house UK manufacturing capacity
  5. Motion expertise

As a ‘one-stop-shop’ we like to think that when it comes to your needs ‘TransDev Has Your Back’!

So what does this mean for me?

With TransDev as your supply partner you have options! With over £4 million of stock we are already likely to stock what you need, but if we do not have it we can source it or our experts can recommend alternative products. If this is not an option then we can explore reworking or adapting stock products, or even manufacturing from drawing.

TransDev Has Your Back By Giving You Options

Globalisation has offered Buyers unfettered access to products at differing price and quality points. When TransDev has your back you still get all of that access, but it is enhanced with even more options, such as call-off orders, drive design expertise and in-house Manufacturing. These options ensure you get the products you need when you want them. The versatility offered by TransDev can be crucial when a production deadline is imminent, an offline machine is causing costly downtime or you just need reassurance that supplies will be available at a time of crisis.

So what does this mean for a crisis such as Coronavirus?

Like many UK businesses TransDev is keeping abreast of UK Government and Health Authority advice on the Coronavirus. We do this in order to protect our staff, suppliers, and customers, whilst ensuring we can maintain the best business levels possible under the prevailing circumstances.

Our stock levels remain high and are constantly under review and we are well positioned to support customers for an extended period of disruption. We also already have sourcing options outside of the current major Coronavirus affected areas. Should it become necessary our own in-house Manufacturing capability offers customers another crucial option.

TransDev Distribution

Keeping a Healthy Distance

TransDev has already initiated a detailed and phased Action Plan to help minimise the possibility of Coronavirus cross contamination.  One important aspect of this is the fact that the TransDev business operates across multiple buildings on its Poole site. This physical separation between Sales, Manufacturing, Special Belts, Plastics and the Distribution warehouses has enabled us to already dramatically reduce and control cross contamination potential. This is in addition to other measures taken to help ensure we will still have your back.

With a rapidly evolving Coronavirus situation, we have attempted to answer the main questions that we anticipate being asked on our website. However, please note that ultimately TransDev will heed and follow the advice given by the UK Government and Health Authorities.

In summary, TransDev continues to work hard to ensure an uninterrupted supply of components, including the features and measures listed below;

  • Good stock levels (+£4M)
  • Alternate supplier sourcing
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Extensive expertise
  • Physical separation of business units
  • Robust and flexible IT systems
  • Remote working capability
  • Ongoing infection prevention measures

Coronavirus FAQ’s

Where do you manufacture or source components?

What are your current stock levels?

How long can you supply during an extended period of disruption?

Will you restrict supply of certain components?

What if panic buying ensures?

How are you dealing with the Coronavirus threat at TransDev?

How will TransDev deal with a large percentage of its workforce off sick?

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