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Synchroflex belts and Synchroflex GEN III timing belts have become industry benchmarks for quality and performance.

Synchroflex Belts

Synchroflex belts are manufactured by ContiTech, a leading specialist for rubber and plastics technology. They develop and produce functional parts, components and systems for the automotive and other important industries. The Synchroflex belts range covers a wide range of timing belt profiles and types.

Engineering Next Level

Continental keep a close eye on changes and trends in society and technology so that they can adapt appropriately to provide market-focused solutions for the benefit of their customers and of people around the world. They are an innovation leader in natural rubber and plastic products and have a wealth of expertise in materials and processes, which they have gathered over the decades. They are quick to offer the markets the solutions they need – always aiming for the top in quality and performance.

Their guiding principle is ‘Engineering Next Level’.

As a driver and inspiration for new, cutting-edge technologies and an expert in materials and processes, ContiTech remain circumspect and considered as they take things to the Next Level – in every respect.


The SYNCHROFLEX belts range consists of only two components, a wear resistant Contilan carcass and high grade endless steel wire tension members. The excellent bond between the two results in a high flank load capacity combined with low elastic elongation, making them unsurpassed for quality and accuracy. The manufacturing process produces close tolerance timing belts to ensure optimum mesh in all power ranges. SYNCHROFLEX® belts have proved themselves in operation for more than 50 years.

SYNCHROFLEX® timing belts are manufactured in a mould in pre-defined lengths. TransDev hold a large stock of all sizes of Synchroflex® timing belts, ready for immediate despatch.


Each generation is different. GEN III is better! The combination of high tensile steel cord tension members and wear resistant polyeurethane forms the basis for dimensionally stable and extremely durable high performance timing belts.

GEN III further develop the power drives of the AT and ATP range CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX polyeurethane timing belts. The new generation GEN III excels with a 25% increase in power transmission compared with the AT/ATP standard. In addition it delivers added value for money, with all CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX GEN III polyeurethane timing belts supporting the use of standard AT/ATP pulleys. A biflar tension member arrangement and a higher packing density enables the high-performance polyeurethane belt to yield greatly improved benchmark results compared with the standard AT and ATP range. The increased strength allows line engineers to utilise a larger number of load-carrying teeth.


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