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ContiTech belts for friction drives and durably synchronous drive solutions range from the lowest of outputs right up to the most extreme conditions as a chain replacement.

Friction Belts

As the manufacturer of the full line of power transmission belts, Continental offers a variety of friction-fit drive elements for wraparound drives in which slip is permissible.

Wrapped V-belts for harsh ambient conditions, raw-edge V-belts for maximum power transmission and serpentine drives or variable-speed belts for variable transmission ratios – Continental V-belts are extremely smooth power transmission elements for an extensive range of applications.

CONTI®V MULTIRIB multiple V-ribbed belts combine the high flexibility of flat belts with the effective power transmission capacity of V-belts. They allow low-cost design, even with difficult drive system requirements such as high transmission ratios, high belt speeds, small pulley diameters and reverse-tensioning idlers. Hence, they are particularly suitable for serpentine drives and add an effective belt type to the range capable of transmitting high loads in compact friction drives.

Timing belts

Thanks to their great variety, ContiTech timing belts also open up extensive new application fields for synchronous power transmission.

They combine great flexibility and performance capability with an energy efficiency of up to 98% – while also being completely maintenance-free. Several different standard timing belt types are available to choose from, depending on the application field and requirements. All differentiable by tension member, polymer compound and tooth geometry – to ensure you have the optimal solution for your application.

As belt technology experts, ContiTech offer a broad portfolio for all application fields, ranging from CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX Polyurethane Timing Belts which deliver best-in-class power transmission performance to the standard CONT® SYNCHROBELT for tiny outputs in household appliances, to CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON, one of the most powerful belts in the market, through to CONTI® SILENTSYNC, for especially quiet drives.

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