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Modular technology for conveying indexing and transport belts

  • Modular system
  • Mechanical joint available
  • Variable flight spacing
  • Different flight materials can be used
  • High flight spacing precision
  • High shear resistance
  • Faster flight change in use
  • No need to remove belt when changing flights
  • Flights can be adjusted on installation
  • Standard pulleys used
  • Infinite attachment possibilities
  • Flights accept customer attachments
  • Standard inserts

Standard belts – cost advantages for the user

  • Short downtimes during flight change
  • Low test costs due to the interchangeability of flights
  • Low spare parts and installation costs

Flights and profiles

Flights and profiles can be quickly made to customers requirements. Flights can be of either plastic or metal and the properties chosen to match the application whether it be high temperature, low temperature or food quality.

In applications where flights profiles either wear or need to be changed quickly. The base profiles can be either a dovetail or ‘T’ section to allow flight to be removed or assembled easily. TransDev can supply any variation from just the belt, inserts and screws based on the most versatile and variable belting system available on the market today.

For information on screws and inserts please click this link.

Type Tooth Pitch (mm) Spacing (mm) Available belt
widths (mm)
PAZ (white) PAR (green) PAZ/PAR (w/green)
ATN10 AT10 10 20 20 50 75 100 . . .
ATN10K6 ATN10 10 25 50 75 100 . . .
ATN12.7 AT10 12.7 25 25 50 75 100 . . .
ATN12.7 K6 AT10 12.7 25 20 75 100 . . .
ATN20 AT20 20 25 50 75 100 . .
ATNS20 AT20 20 32 50 75* . . .
Number of holes/tooth 1 2 3/2* 4 . . .

News / Case Studies

BRECO® ATN – Over 500 tubes of toothpaste per minute

Powerful performance: Two BRECO® ATN polyurethane timing belts transport toothpaste tubes into their packaging in a flash. ...
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