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Copperhead Easy Break Chain

Copperhead Easy Break Chain

Easy split – easy fit!

An ideal high quality replacement for other standard chains

  • Identical in price and performance
  • Quality West European materials used throughout
  • Fully heat treated solid rollers, bushes and pins
  • Holes punched & shaved by progressive die tools
  • Fatigue resistant shot peened rollers & plates
  • All chain pre-loaded & lubricated ready for use

Position breaking tool over pin

Remove outer plate from the pins

Now chain is easily split,  it is ready to fit

When modifying chain lengths or replacing chains on site, ease of split and ease of fit is vitally important if costly downtime is to be reduced.

Wippermann Copperhead Chain allows the side plate to be removed easily, without having to punch out the pins or grind off the rivet heads; saving both time and money.

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