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ZX Section Raw Edge Moulded Cogged Belts

ZX Section Raw Edge Moulded Cogged Belts

ZX Raw Edge Moulded Cogged Belts
Section Dimensions W x H (mm) Min. pulley dia. PCD (mm) Std. belt lengths (mm)
ZX 10 X 6 50 318-1092
ZX Section
Belt Code = Belt section, Inside length (Li) in inches
ZX12.5 ZX21.75 ZX31.5 ZX40.5
ZX14 ZX22 ZX32 ZX41.5
ZX15 ZX23 ZX33 ZX42
ZX16 ZX24 ZX33.5 ZX43
ZX17 ZX25 ZX34 ZX44
ZX18 ZX26 ZX35 ZX46.5
ZX19 ZX27 ZX35 ZX46.5
ZX19.5 ZX28 ZX37 ZX52
ZX20 ZX29 ZX38 ZX56
ZX20.5 ZX29.5 ZX38.5 ZX56
ZX21 ZX30 ZX39 ZX64
ZX21.25 ZX31 ZX40 ZX68

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