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Esband Weighing Technology

Esband Weighing Technology

Esband brings weighing technology to peak perfection with a range of Check Weigher belts.


Esband belts are truly homogeneous over their entire length (including weight). With exact ground overall thickness and even elongation characteristics due to lack of joint. Selected surface finishes to give required low/ high friction properties.

Typical Applications

• Weighing devices for light-weight bulk materials and unit loads
• Dynamic weighing machines


• Bizerba, Mettler Toledo & Espera brands supported
• Blade edges
• Long-lasting
• Small bending radii
• Truly endless tracking guides
• Polyester reinforced or without carcass (stretchy)

Range of surface finishes

• Mainly Silicone & PU coatings (FX) – both Food Grade
• Silicone – high friction conveying
• FX for buffer or rejection areas – low friction

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