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BRECOprotect® Timing Belts

BRECOprotect® Timing Belts

The BRECOprotect® product line

The new BRECOprotect® product line offers timing belts with Steel tension carriers completely embedded in Polyurethane for protection against corrosion. The choice of material for the timing belts complies with FDA regulations and the blue colour is consistent with current requirements in the food processing industry.

The Polyurethane used is compliant with the conformity criteria of the FDA Code of Federal Regulations, section 177.1680, the European Regulation (EC) 1935-2004, Regulation (EU) no. 10/2011 and European Commission Directives 90/128/EEC and 96/11/EC.

Notes on use

BRECOprotect® timing belts are designed especially to meet the strict requirements associated with contact with food and the cleaning processes necessary in these areas. The fact that these timing belts do not feature a groove prevents hidden and difficult-to-remove contamination and thus makes the cleaning process easier. The blue colour of the BRECOprotectt® product range follows a general market trend towards a special food industry colour scheme. In addition, BRECOprotect® timing belts are suitable for use in moist environments, where there are severe limitations on the use of conventional timing belts on account of the appearance of hydrolysis.

BRECOprotect® timing belts are offered as a by-the-metre product and in welded “endless” format. There is unlikely to be any need for additional mechanical work on the Polyurethane belt body due to the protection for the tension carrier. Belt designs with welded profiles are possible in principle. However, the potential profile sizes and their loads are limited, while TPUAU1 is a mandatory material and the colour blue is again recommended. The minimum number of teeth on the toothed pulleys when BRECOprotect® timing belts with welded profiles are used is zmin=20. The ratio of profile height to width (h/width (b)) must not exceed 3.

Ordering examples

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