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Universal Tensioner Series Overview

Universal Tensioner Series Overview

The Rubber Suspension Unit with its unique and compact design, made with natural rubber inserts, allows a large torque angle of ±32°. The torsion angle is related to the permissible oscillating angle. The torque force from 0 up to 32° will increase progressively.

The Rubber Suspension Unit can take care of several functions at the same time. It combines a spring, a bearing, a tensioner and a noise and vibration limiting unit. The unit can be installed under pretension, as required. The features of the Rubber Suspension Units have great advantages against components with single function only. Whilst it is a simple system of rubber suspension units, a wide range of specified products can be offered.

The range consists of:

  • Basic Units, type LTS, LTA, LTKS and LTKA
  • Tensioner, type TE, TEI in combination with KS and RE
  • Oscillating Mountings, type OM, DH, CH, CE etc.
  • Antivibration Mountings, type DVM, CH

Example applications for a universal tensioner type TE

Operating Characteristics (RESATEC)

  • Large operating angle
  • Bi-directional from rest
  • Long life

  • Vibration damping
  • Noise reducing

  • Resistant to temperature

  • Progressive spring characteristics
  • High repeatability

  • Safe in operation in any position

  • Maintenance-free

Rubber characteristics (RESATEC)

Temperature influence service life
(under control conditions – 10 years)

Cold flow and setting

Temperature influence: torque reaction

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