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New competitively priced universal joints

New competitively priced universal joints

TransDev, the leading power transmission specialist has added a new range of competitively priced DIN 808 industry standard universal joints to its precision coupling product line. The new UJ range covers single, double and telescopic joints in high grade alloy steel or stainless steel with a choice of plain or needle roller bearings for torque transmission up to 600 Nm. TransDev’s stock program includes a wide choice of solid bore versions, H7 machined bores from Ø6 to Ø50 mm, and JS9 keyway versions – with hexagonal and square bore versions are available to order.

TransDev’s UJSP and UJDP types are single and double jointed precision universal joints with plain bearings, aimed at general purpose power transmission with shaft offset up to 45º and 90º respectively, and for speeds up to 1000 rpm. UJSN and UJDN versions include sealed and lubricated needle roller bearings with minimal backlash more suited to maintain critical positioning performance and where increased speeds up to 4000 rpm are required. The new UJ range also includes protective synthetic rubber gaiters, recommended to maintain permanent lubrication for all plain bearing versions and where corrosive environment or excessive ingress of debris could be a problem for all types.

TransDev can also supply telescopic universal joints for applications where the distance between the drive shaft and driven shaft is variable. Available with plain or needle roller bearings in bore diameters from 10 to 50 mm, the range covers minimum/maximum extensions from 140/170 mm to 400/510 mm with customised version available up to 3m.

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