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NTN SNR Linear Solutions

Linear Engineering for Professionals

NTN-SNR (part of the NTN Corporation) has been one of the most innovative companies in bearings for decades. The NTN Group is one of the largest roller bearing manufacturer in the world. NTN-SNR has been established in the linear technology market since 1985 and strives to offer a complete and competitive product range. Their innovative range is based on a patented ball chain system.

Their broad linear range offers solutions for all applications, with linear guidance and drive systems able to be combined to meet the demands of the market. Rail guides are used in a variety of applications such as: machine tool construction, packaging and printing machine construction, building of general and special machines, aeronautical construction, automation and assembly lines, the timber and semiconductor industries, medical technology and many others.

A wide range is available;

  • Versatile Linear Axis modules
  • System Axis for gantry, lifting and telescopic applications
  • Complete customisable linear systems
  • High qulaity, precision Linear Guides
  • Ball Splines, Screws & Supports

We also offer a wide range of Bearings!

Linear Axis

NTN-SNR Linear Axis are universally applicable modules that accommodate the steadily growing requirements for the automation of manufacturing processes. They are suitable for the most diverse applications in various industries: factory automation, machine tools, electrical engineering/electronic hardware, automotive industry, printing industry, special-purpose machines, clean-room applications in the semiconductor industry and the food industry.

The modular design of NTN-SNR linear axis allows a high degree of flexibility and can fulfil almost every customer request. They can be quickly combined with each other and integrated into existing systems. This also means lower assembling costs for the end user.

Linear Guides

Ball Screws

Ball Bushings

Ball Splines

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