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TransDev Direct is Ideal for Dropship Orders

TransDev Direct is Ideal for Dropship Orders

When trading conditions are tough and you require an edge there is a range of features in TransDev’s online trade store that can help. One of these is functionality and support for dropship orders.

It is important to remember that you can take advantage of TransDev Direct’s simple and easy to use ordering system. With current stock levels shown across over 22,000 products, your own agreed pricing and detailed information at your fingertips, TransDev Direct is the ideal partner to support your sales.

One feature that is often overlooked is the ability to specify different shipping addresses, thereby effectively enabling a ‘dropship’ service. This can shorten the time from order to arrival at the customer, as well as negate the need for handling at your site. The latter is useful if you have;

  • An urgent deadline
  • Limited storage and handling facilities
  • Staff resourcing issues
  • Office/distribution facilities are temporarily unavailable

TransDev can also white label goods or utilise customer specified/supplied labelling. Just talk to your TransDev Sales contact for further information on the options and relevant criteria.

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