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TRIATHLON HT Maintenance-Free Roller Chain

TRIATHLON HT Maintenance-Free Roller Chain

Maintenance-free and high load-bearing up to 200 °C.

Technical Features

  • Coated bushes with high-tech polymer inserts
  • Coated pin chains
  • Coated rollers

Application Benefits

  • Highly resilient, low friction chain joints
  • No relubrication required
  • Lubricant-free for chain speeds up to 2.5 m/s
  • Temperatures from – 30 °C to +200

Designed for Difficult Applications

In many production processes, the combination of high temperatures and sensitive components present specific requirements for the chains. In the automotive industry, hoisting and conveyor chains thus reduce scrap in the  coating process by avoiding unwanted paint wetting with lubricant residues, in contrast to conventionally lubricated chains. In the electrical industry, chains have to be completely dry without lubrication to avoid chemical reactions e.g. in casting resins.

Proven in Practice

The durability of the TRIATHLON HT is achieved through unique material combinations with special coated pins and polymer bearings. Many renowned companies have recognised the benefits of the TRIATHLON HT and are already demonstrating the success of our high-performance chains under high loads and temperatures, which require uncompromised durability and wear resistance.

Application Areas

The TRIATHLON HT high-performance chain has a high load capacity for temperatures up to 200°C, even without additional lubricants, and is extremely wear-resistant. Whether with minimal surface lubrication to protect the sprockets or completely free of lubrication for highly sensitive applications, the TRIATHLON HT sets new standards with perfectly coordinated materials, coated pins, special coated rollers and also through its innovative high-tech polymer bushings in numerous application areas.

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