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New Translock keyless bushings

New Translock keyless bushings

Power transmission specialists TransDev has launched a new range of keyless bushings for fast and simple shaft-to-hub mounting of pulleysgears, cams, conveyor rollers, fans and similar components – without the need for keyways or setscrews. The new Translock keyless bushing uses a well proven nut and taper element design to provide secure and rigid locking for shaft diameters from 3 mm to 75 mm and component bore diameters from 16 mm to 100 mm. Torque transmission capability is up to 2000 Nm.

Translock keyless bushings maintain excellent shaft-to-hub concentricity and allow precise axial and radial fixing which is particularly useful for timing belt and other position related powertrain set-up and alignment. The design also suits the direct mounting of flat components such as sprockets and gears without the need for reference flanges to position the component axially.

The bushings require only moderate precision shaft and hub tolerances, and as a high quality surface finish is not required, unfinished shaft material may be used with significant cost savings when compared to keyway machined shafts. Furthermore, as smaller diameter shafts may be used to transmit the same torque – material costs can be reduced with the added benefit of lower mass and inertia for critical servo positioning applications.

Unlike keyway shafts, Translock keyless bushings employ a radially constant high-friction fit and are much more resilient to rapid torque reversals and excessive shock loading conditions. Indeed, the bushing may be used to improve the performance of worn out keyway shafts and the design also suits applications where bushing removal and repositioning is required frequently.

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