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Combined Bearings

Combined Bearings

Combined Bearings consist of a radial needle roller bearing to withstand a radial load and a thrust ball bearing or needle bearing to withstand an axial load, combined to form a bearing unit.
Advantage: Two-in-one bearing: compactness and high radial and axial load capacities.

When the application requires resistance to forces combined with substantial rigidity or minimum room, the use of combined bearings offer some benefits. Depending on the type of bearings,axial forces may be absorbed in one or two directions.

  • Uni-directional axial forces. The thrust part may comprise, either:
    • a radial contact (NKX) or angular contact (NKIA) ball bearing
    • rollers for high axial loads (NKXR)
    • If the unit must be inseparable, a flange (-Z) is proposed
  • Two-way axial forces. Depending on the intensity of the forces, the thrust part will consist of needles (AXN) or rollers (ARN)

Bearing Number Example

* For NK1A see table below. For other series: Bore diameter in mm.
** For NK1A see table below. Otherwise: Outer diameter in mm

Steel   T2: Polyamide    S: Steel, welded   L1: Brass   L3: Aluminium   C: Welded   F1: Steel, machined   J, J: Pressed steel

:  NKX or NKXR with dust protection     R: Outer ring with ribs   A:  Improved internal design

Bore Diameter for NK1A Only

Code 0 1 2 3 04 x 5 = 20 05 x 5 = 25 06 x 5 = 30 99 x 5= 495 /500 /xxx
 Ø bore dia. 10 12 15 17 20 25 30 495 500 500 < xxx
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