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Profile Materials

Profile Materials

Standard version:

  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Very high ultimate tensile strength
  • Will not crack, splinter or delaminate
  • High notched impact strength
  • Energy absorption at high stress rate
  • Very low coefficent of friction
  • Exceptional chemical resistance
  • Nil moisture absorption

U.H.M.W. Pe is an ultra high molecular weight high density Polyethylene with a high degree of polymerisation, prepared by the Ziegler catalysts. The molecular weight of U.M.H.W. Pe lies between 4-6 million; the molecular weight is determind by the light scattering of the polymer. With U.H.M.W. Pe a number of technically important properties are obtained as the molecular weight increases

U.H.M.W. Pe 1000 (Virgin Grade)

U.H.M.W. Pe 1000 (Virgin Grade) is safe with food and is widely used in the food, dairy, cosmetics and packaging industries for the manufacture of Chain Guides, Belt Guides, Slide Strips, Wear Strips, Rollers, Bearing Bushes, Starwheels, Scrolls, etc.

U.H.M.W. Pe 1000R green and black

U.H.M.W. Pe 1000R green and black has all the properties of 1000 (virgin grade), except for a slightly lower notched impact strength and ball indentation hardness. U.H.M.W. Pe 1000R is primarily used for applications where outstanding abrasion resistance, superb anti-friction and mechanical properties are required at an economic price.

TransPlas has a range of Polyethylene for all sorts of applications where the polymer can have an additive applied at time of manufacture, ie. Glass, Ceramic, Carbon, etc.

A Glass and Ceramic additive improves the wear-resistance compared with 1000 grade by 150-250%.A Carbon additive gives anti-static properties.

U.H.M.W. Pe 1000

U.H.M.W. Pe 1000 has a very low coefficient of friction 0.05 wet, 0.10 dry.

U.H.M.W. Pe 1000 has a thermal linear expansion of approximately 2mm per 10°C per 1000mm; this does increase as the temperature rises. These figures quoted are a rule of thumb. Care must be taken when there are high tolerances, with varying high temperatures. It is recommended to leave expansion gaps in such cases, ie. for Chain Guides and Wear Strips, etc.

Other materials

TransPlas can also supply 500 grade high molecular weight Polyethylene (H.M.W.Pe), PVC, special types of Nylons, PTFE, etc. finished or semi-finished.

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