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Volta VaR Tools

Volta VaR Tools

All Volta VaR (V and Round) belting can be easily welded, either on site or prior to installation. For optimal results, only use Volta VaR Tools.

Cut profile to desired length. Clean profile surface and welding head with alcohol to remove dirt and grease.

Pre-heat welder (W1 or W2) at least 10 minutes before use. For reinforced belts only. Clamp profile in pliers. Choose drill bit that matches the Polyester cord’s diameter and drill out cord from both ends of the belt. Make sure you remove all the fibres.

Clamp profile in appropriate groove, depending on profile size (I for round profiles 2-4mm, II for round profiles 3-8mm and III for round profiles 8mm or above and for V belts).

Place the heated welder head between the profile ends and close the pliers lightly until the profile ends melt equally and form approximately a 1mm bead.

Open the pliers quickly and pull welder away. Avoid dragging melted material out of joint area.

Close pliers quickly but gently and tighten thumb screws. Depending on profile diameter, wait at least 10 minutes for welded area to cool down.

Release belt from pliers and trim welding flash from belt with side cutters. The Volta belt is now ready for long lasting and relaible service.

Lowe Belt Cutters

Designed to allow quality cutting of VaR profiles. The unique blade structure will provide a precise and quality cut.

EZ Overlap Tool Kit

The EZ Overlap Kit is designed for use with reinforced VaR belting. The Tool provides a simple method of welding the ends of a belt with reinforcing cord overlapped. This eliminates the weak point inherent in butt welding. The tool kit contains: welder, jig, forms, knife, carry case and drill.

Mini VaR Tool Kit

The Mini VaR Tool Kit is designed for use with Round belts up to 10 mm (3/8″) and Vee belts up to section A. Optional handles are available for use with the pliers.
The tool kit contains: welder, VaR belt cutter, mini-pliers and trimmers, in a wooden carry case.

Welder W-2 (110/220V/150W)

Is used for welding all Vee and Round belts, ranging from 80°A to 60°D.

Mini plier R-8

For clamping Round belts up to a maximum of 8mm (5/16″) diameter

Plier F-51

Can be used to weld:

  • V belt sections ranging from 8/M to 32/D
  • Round belt diameters ranging from 2mm – 20mm (1/8″ – 3/4″)
  • Flat belts up to 50mm (2″) wide

Drill Set D-11 (includes bits I, II, III)

Drill bit I, Drill bit II and Drill bit III are used to remove Polyster cord in reinforced VaR belts prior to welding.

All Volta VaR (V and Round) belting can be easily welded, either on site or prior to installation.

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