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Transflat® Standard Belt Thickness 1mm Nominal Pulleys

Transflat® Standard Belt Thickness 1mm Nominal Pulleys

Pulleys should be manufactured from quality materials and be accurate.

It is important to ensure :

  • The driving surface of the pulley is perfectly smooth
  • The outside diameter of the pulley is concentric to the bore
  • Pulleys are well balanced both statically and dynamically
  • At least one of the pulleys (driver) should be crowned

Drive design, belt fitting and tensioning

A drive must be designed to allow for the correct tensioning of the belt and to adjust for any stretch during service (possibly 1.5% of length). A take-up device is therefore required: motor slide bases are the most efficient system for ease of fitting and tensioning the belt.

Idlers may be used to increase arc of contact on high transmission ratios. With contra-flexure, due to the use of idlers, it is recommended that the idler diameters should not be less than the diameter of the small pulley.

The following recommendations should always be followed

  • Check that the pulleys are aligned
  • Ensure that the pulley surfaces are smooth and well polished
  • Apply the correct belt tension
  • Check the belt tension frequently during the first few hours of operation
  • Do not use any belt grip dressing; the natural belt grip will prevent any slippage if the drive has been properly designed
Pulley dia. d (mm) Crown height h (mm)
15 0.3
20 0.3
25 0.3
30 0.3
35 0.3
40 0.3
45 0.3
50 0.3
56 0.3
63 0.3
71 0.3
80 0.3
90 0.3
100 0.3
112 0.3
125 0.4
140 0.4
160 0.5
180 0.5
200 0.6
224 0.6
250 0.8
280 0.8
315 1
355 1

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