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Universal Joints Long Series (Unbored) UJSPL

Universal Joints Long Series (Unbored) UJSPL

Single joint with plain bearings and solid ends, type UJSPL in Steel
Stock No Bore Diameter D Overall length L2 Pivot centre L1 Hub length C Gaiter type
UJSPL16XSOL SOLID 16 56 28 19 UJG01M16
UJSPL22XSOL SOLID 22 76 38 26 UJG03M22
UJSPL25XSOL SOLID 25 86 43 28 UJG04M25
UJSPL28XSOL SOLID 28 90 45 29 UJG05M28
UJSPL32XSOL SOLID 32 95 47.5 29.5 UJG1M32
UJSPL36XSOL SOLID 36 108 54 34 UJG2M36
UJSPL42XSOL SOLID 42 127 63.5 40.5 UJG3M42
UJSPL45XSOL SOLID 45 127 63.5 38 UJG4M45
UJSPL50XSOL SOLID 50 140 70 42 UJG5M50
UJSPL58XSOL SOLID 58 166 83 51 UJG5M58

For further sizes please enquire

Maximum working angle 45 degrees
Maximum speed 1000 rpm
Maximum power 6kW
Maximum torque 600 Nm

Higher power and torques are available using larger diameter or needle roller
bearing joints: please enquire

Special Executions on Request

-Minimum order quantity may apply

NB : It is recommended that all plain bearing joints should be used with a protective gaiter to assist lubrication and help arrest the ingress of dirt.

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