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AT10/T10 BRECO® Timing Belt Lock

AT10/T10 BRECO® Timing Belt Lock

Timing belt lock for BRECO Timing Belts

The BRECO® timing belt lock for the timing belt types AT10 and T10 is mainly used for low load drives but extensive assembly work.

The lock offers substantial savings in work and costs where, for design purposes, the timing belt can only be joined after being inserted in the machine. It can also be used as an emergency belt to bridge downtimes, as a result of malfunctions and belt failures.

When using the lock, for timing belts with flighted profiles, take a minimum profile spacing of 100mm into account.

Ordering information

The lock elements on the belt rear are countersunk so that the elements are flush with the belt top edge. For this reason, the timing belts used must be thicker than the standard BRECO AT10 or T10 timing belt. Ensure that you specify the version as “DC” when ordering an AT10 belt.

Ordering examples

Ordering example for timing belts prepared for belt lock (belt-lock isn’t assembled)

  • 75 AT10/8400 DC or 100 T10/6000 DC

Ordering example for timing belt lock

  • 75 AT10 DC or 100 T10 DC

Ordering example for timing belt with lock (belt lock is pre-assembled)

  • 50 AT10/5400 DC assembled
  • 50 AT10 DC assembled

Please Note:

Specify the two respective designations when ordering the
timing belt and the lock. If only the timing belt designation
is specified, only the timing belt will be supplied with the
respective preparation for the lock.

AT10 DC/T10 timing belt lock
(pictorial schematic)

Material of lock elements
Carbon fibre
reinforced polyamide
Length of the lock
(tooth centre to tooth centre)
Number of connecting elements
Width of connecting plates
Thickness of the timing belt

(Version DC)

Minimum number of teeth

of pulley (Use only normal gap)

Available belt widths
AT10 DC 32, 50, 75, 100mm
T10 DC 32, 50, 75, 100mm
Admissible tensile force
32mm 550N
50mm 750N
75mm 1000N
100mm 1500N

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