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Policril Standard Cast Acrylic Sheet

Policril Standard Cast Acrylic Sheet

Policril Standard

Produced in a wide range of thicknesses and sheet sizes, Policril Cast Acrylic is an extremely stable product with excellent resistance to weather whilst maintaining superb optical clarity.


  • Excellent optical clarity
  • Stable & Tough
  • Lightweight
  • Thickness range from 2mm to 80mm
  • Wide range of colours and tints
  • U.V resistant
  • High chemical resistance
  • Low water absorbsion
  • Fully recyclable



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Standard Solid Colours

Code Colour
AM2202 Cream
NA7220 Cream
AM2209 Ivory
AM2244 Yellow
AM2259 Yellow
AM2260 Yellow
NA7202 Orange
R6267 Cerise Pink
R6234 Red
R6269 Red
R6274 Red
R6281 Burgundy
M8302 Brown
R62532 Light Pink
VI5201 Purple
AZ4245 Mid Blue
AZ4275 Mid Blue
AZ4276 Dark Blue
AZ4339 Dark Blue
AZ4277 Light Blue
VE3217 Lime Green
VE3233 Mid Green
VE3262 Dark Green
NE9303 Light Grey
NE9386 Dark Grey
NE9302 Black

Special Fluorescent Colours

Code Colour
AM2133 HF Fluorescent Yellow
AZ4133 HF Fluorescent Blue
AM2136 HF Fluorescent Yellow
VE3193 HF Fluorescent Green
R6163 HF Fluorescent Red
NA7106 HF Fluorescent Orange
R6145 HF Fluorescent Pink

Special Solid Metallic & Sparkle Finish

Code Colour
NK22 Gold
NK91 Dark Silver
NK95 Light Silver
MT10 Silver Glitter
MT11 Gold Glitter
MT12 Blue Glitter

POLICRIL® Cast Acrylic – available sheet sizes*

Finish Sheet size Standard sheet thickness in millimetres
2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 15 20 25 30 35 40 50 60 70 80
Clear 2020mm x 1275mm x x
2020mm x 1290mm x x x
3040mm x 2040mm x x x x x x x
3050mm x 2050mm x x x x x
Opal 3040mm x 2040mm x x x x x x
3050mm x 2050mm x x x x
Colour 3040mm x 2040mm x x x x x x
3050mm x 12050mm x x x x
Colour NK Range(Gold/Dark Silver/Light Silver) 2020mm x 1320mm x x
Colour MT Glitter Range – (Silver Gold/Blue) 2020mm x 1320mm x x

* Protective film on both sides


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