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Polycarbonate Plastic Screens For Infection Control

Polycarbonate Plastic Screens For Infection Control

The latest news has reported that supermarkets are installing plastic screens (sometimes referred to as Perspex screens) to protect their workers from potential infection from customers with Coronavirus.

TransDev Plastics stocks a wide range of clear plastic options from Polycarbonate to PETG and Acrylic sheet.

Polycarbonate Sheet is one of the toughest Plastics available and has a reputation for strength and impact resistance that is richly deserved. It has excellent impact resistance, combined with good clarity and resistance to weathering, making it an ideal material for all types of outdoor glazing and construction applications. 200 times stronger than glass, with only half its weight, Polycarbonate Sheet is especially suited to areas or applications that are prone to vandalism.

PETG Sheet is an extremely versatile material with good mechanical properties, including excellent chemical resistance and thermal insulation. PETG sheet is light in weight and easy to process, form and fabricate, without the need for pre-drying. With good transparency and optical clarity, PETG Sheet has excellent impact and weather resistance, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of thermoforming applications, especially for outdoor installations such as bus shelters.

In addition to stocking plastic sheets TransDev can machine and cut plastics to specific sizes and shapes. Machine guarding, shopping till screens, retail screens and security enclosures are just some of the applications which can be supplied by TransDev plastics.

To learn more about guarding plastics click here.

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