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F2.5 Flat Belts BRECO® Open Length (M)/Joined (V)

F2.5 Flat Belts BRECO® Open Length (M)/Joined (V)

Polyurethane, Steel reinforced, extruded endless flat belting.

Properties for F2.5 BRECO® (M/V)

  • Low noise
  • Highly flexible
  • Wear resistant
  • Small build sizes
  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Constant length
  • Resistant against simple oils, fats and petrol
  • Low elongation
  • Resistant to some acids
Belt widths (mm) Intermediate belt widths on request
50 100
F2.5 Available lengths and versions
Standard delivery lengths (M) Rolls of 50 or 100m
Cut/Lengths > 100m Length graduation from groove to groove (in 10mm stages) On request
Minimum length joined (V) 880
Standard material TPUST1)
Steel tension member (standard) x
E tension member o
VA tension member o
PAZ (groove side) x

Allowable tensile load by belt width

BRECO/F2.5 (M/V) Tension cord strengths F/Belts weights
Belt width b (mm) 50 100
M E/Steel tension member F (N) 11200 22400
VA tension member F (N) 8960 17920
V E/Steel tension member F (N) 5600 11200
VA tension member F (N) 4480 8960
Belt weight (kg/m) 0,263 0,526

x Available, standard lengths (see table) without minimum purchase
o Minimum purchase amount on request
VA Stainless Steel cords
– Not available
1) Further materials on request

Drive Type A

Without contra-flexure Steel tension member E tension member VA tension member
dmin 80 60 100

Drive Type B

With contra-flexure Steel tension member E tension member VA tension member
Zmin 120 80 160
dminSp 120 80 160

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