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The E Steel cord tension member

The E Steel cord tension member

Highly flexible tension inserts – the E Steel cord tension member

The thinner the single wire, the more flexible the overall tension member! This interrelation led BRECO® to develop BRECO® and BRECOFLEX® timing belts with E tension members. In the E tension member the cord cross-section is distributed to a greater number of thinner individual wires and, therefore, the bending fatigues are markedly lower. The major advantage of the E tension members is higher flexibility. This is especially important, when smaller mounting dimensions for pulleys and tension rollers are required. The minimum number of teeth and/or minimum diameter of the pulleys can be up to 30% less, compared with standard tension members. Timing belts with E tension members are recommended for multi-shaft drives with frequent bends.


• Thinner individual wires in the Steel cord
• Higher dynamic capabilities
• Extremely high bonding and bending fatigue strength
• Smaller pulley and tension roller diameter
• No correction of the synchronising pulleys are necessary

Available versions

• For the pitches AT3 (as standard), AT5, AT10, ATP10, T5, T10, T20 (option)

Application information: For intended application under extreme conditions please contact our Technical Department for advice. Steel cord tension members (Example):

tension member

‘E’ tension

The thinner the individual wire the more flexible the whole timing belt.

Type Drive Value T5 T10 T20 AT3 AT5 AT10 ATP10
Pulley zmin
Idler dmin
10 12 15 15 12 12 12
18 50 80 20 18 50 50
Pulley zmin
Idler dmin
15 15 20 20 20 20 20
18 50 120 20 50 80 80

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