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High-tensile Carbon tension members provides greater longitudinally stability making SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON suitable for maximum torques.

  • Temperature range, depending on application, from -40°C to +80°C
  • Suitable for tropical climates
  • Withstands reverse flexing
  • Resistant to oils, grease and fuel
  • Conditionally resistant to acid and alkalis
  • Raw materials and production are silicone-free
  • Maintenance-free
  • Belt speeds up to 40m/s
  • Increased power output
  • Longitudinally stable throughout its lifetime

Power Transmission comparison

Higher power transmission, longer service lives, hardly any initial tension losses and also 50% lower stretch than aramid. With its newly developed carbon tension member at its heart, the CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON is one of the world’s highest-performance timing belts.

The CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON delivers up to 30% higher power output than its predecessor. It therefore opens up entirely new options to both designers and users. Its strength can be used in every mechanical and plant engineering field.

Intelligent design & construction

Light, but durable Polyurethane for teeth and backing, high-tensile and, at the same time, longitudinally stable Carbon for the tension member, plus a specially coated, wear-resistant fabric: the intelligent design with a combination of especially high-quality materials is a defining feature of the CONTI® SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON. It is thus clean, smooth and provides reliable power transmission both at high torques and also with high dynamic loads.

5x more power output for the same overall width. Overall belt width can be reduced by up to 80% whilst achieving the same power requirements, meaning overall system costs are also reduced.

Service life is increased by up to 100% compared with heavy-duty timing belts using Aramid cord.

Enhanced drive efficiency. Greater cord stiffness cuts initial tension losses almost to zero over the lifetime of the belt.

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