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Extra Wide Timing Belts

Extra Wide Timing Belts

Wide belts

TransDev hold in stock, polyurethane timing belts in widths up to 450mm. This belt is specifically designed for synchronous conveying applications. Wide belts are primarily used as process conveyor belts. Process (or conversion steps) normally occur on the belt, therefore the conveyed product requires additional width.

Common applications

  • High speed conveying
  • Rapid indexing
  • Automated process conveyor belts
  • Bulk product conveying
  • Clean room or wash down environment

Application characteristics

  • Replaces flat conveyor belt
    • No re-tensioning required
    • Lower shaft forces
    • Higher acceleration without slippage
  • Alternative to modular plastic conveyor
    • Quieter operation
    • Easier cleaning
    • No hinges or pins to break and contaminate products

Product features

  • High strength Aramid cord construction
  • Parallel cord construction
    • No cords exposed at edges of belt
    • Better tracking
    • Uniform tensioning
  • Choice of polymers including FDA grades
  • Nylon back and nylon tooth surface options available for quieter operation and reduced friction
  • Tough polyurethane construction
    • Durable and cut resistant
    • Oil, chemical and water resistant
    • Non-marking
  • Various moulded profiles and backing materials available
  • No lubrication required

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