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Pulleys Special Manufacturing

Pulleys Special Manufacturing

Special Pulleys

  • Custom pulleys
  • Rework of pulleys
  • All materials available
  • Heat treatments
  • Protective finishes
  • Part marking
  • Balancing

Special Manufactured Self-Cleaning Pulley

Custom pulleys

Drawings will be necessary for timing pulleys with additional features. These can be manufactured to your requirements in all materials and to the highest tolerances. We can provide most quotations to drawing within 1 hour. Live work queues enable us to make real time changes to assist your delivery requirements on existing orders in production. Our unparalled precision cutter range ensure optimum meshing, even in small pulley sizes.

Pulley materials and finishing

A selection of materials available:

  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Cast Iron
  • Plastics

Rework of pulleys


  • Up to 180mm H7 as standard
  • Over 180mm please enquire


  • Up to 25mm JS9 rectangular parallel keyways as standard
  • Over 25mm and special please enquire

Tapped holes

  • Up to M16 as standard
  • Over M16 please enquire

Taper lock bush boring

  • Up to 5050 as standard
  • Over 5050 please enquire

Special Tooth Profiles

T Series AT Series ATP Series ATN Series BAT Series SFAT Series Imperial SYNCHRO-
Poly Chain® HTD Powergrip GT RPP Supertorque SILENT-
T2* MXL(0.080”) 2MR S2M
T2.5* 40 DP
T5* AT5* XL(1/5″) HTD5 5MR RPP5 S5M
L(3/8″) 8 8 HTD8 8MR RPP8 S8M 8
T10* AT10* ATP10* ATN10* BAT10* SFAT10* H(1/2″)
ATP15* ATN12.7* BAT15* SFAT15* XH(7/8″) 14 14 HTD14 14MR RPP14 S14M 14
T20* AT20* ATN20* SFAT20* XXH(1 1/4″)

* Available in standard, SE (reduced backlash) and zero-backlash

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