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Pulleys Introduction

Pulleys Introduction

Standard Pulleys

  • Timing belt pulleys
  • Vee belt pulleys
  • Taper bore and pilot pore
  • Metric and Imperial
  • Various materials available from stock
  • Drive design software available

TransDev supplies a complete range of pulleys, covering both our own timing belt ranges and many others too. The standard stock is further supplemented by our Special Pulley Manufacturing. If we don’t stock it, or it is a special design, we can manufacture and rework to your specific requirements.

Our stock of high quality pulleys, manufactured according to relevant ISO or RMA standards, help ensure that belt performance is not compromised.

A pulley can also significantly increase belt life and reduce the total cost of ownership of your machinery, so we also offer timing belt software to help you achieve the optimum drive solution for your needs.

Timing belt pulleys

These positive drive pulleys are used in combination with a timing belt or a synchronised belt and can cover high speed and torque HTD drives. We stock Steel, Cast Iron, Aluminium and Plastic pulleys, which are usually supplied with retaining flanges. Timing belt pulleys are available with either a pilot or taper bore, as well as metric and imperial variants.

Vee belt pulleys

A common type of pulley for power transmission applications. TransDev supplies pulleys from stock for standard Vee belt profiles. These are stocked in Cast Iron and Steel and are available in pilot and taper bore variants.

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