HTD Timing Pulley Taper Bore

Pulley _HTD_PB_Leader

High Torque Drive (HTD) timing pulleys

TransDev hold a large stock of High Torque Drive (HTD) timing pulleys in pilot bore type and taper lock bush type.The material used for smaller pulleys is Aluminium, medium sizes are in Steel, larger sizes in Cast Iron, all featuring flanges made from Steel; see individual catalogue pages for specific materials and dimensions. HTD, CXP and CXA belts are all designed to run on these pulleys.

Standard HTD Pulley Order Examples

Key to standard pulley diagrams
Df Flange diameter
d Bore diameter
Dp Pitch diameter
L Overall width
(or length through bore)
De External diameter of teeth
F Width over flanges
Dm Hub diameter
P Pilot bore
T Taper bore

Pulley Rework

We can rework standard and stock pulleys to suit your individual requirements on pulleys under 400mm diameter.