Overview of the UK’s leading Mechanical Power Transmission Specialist

About TransDev

Chris Cowler TransDev Managing DirectorTransmission Developments started life over fifty years ago as a specialist manufacturer of timing pulleys. Since then we have always aimed to set the highest of standards in power transmission.

In the early days the company’s founder, Mr. Stuart Osborne, introduced the, then all new, polyurethane metric pitch “Synchroflex® Timing Belt” to a British industry that still worked in imperial measurements! The complete drive concept was the foundation of a company that has grown into the largest independent, family owned, manufacturer and supplier of transmission belting and related products in the UK.

Continuing the work of Mr Stuart Osborne, Mrs J Osborne drove new investment and oversaw a restructuring of the company. Her vision enabled new product areas, such as plastics and chain and the development of the warehouse as a major distribution hub.

Today, thanks to the determination of our founders and a solid financial base, we remain focused on quality, service and our thousands of global customers.

I welcome your feedback and thank you for your business.

Chris Cowler (Managing Director)

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TransDev Division Logos

Power Transmission, Conveying and Plastics Solutions since 1965.

Founded over 50 years ago, TransDev are major manufacturers and stockists of major timing and conveyor belt and chain brands; with in-house customisation available.

We are the UK’s largest manufacturer of Pulleys, Gears and Sprockets. Large gear, pulley and sprocket stocks for rapid rework and made-to-order are a speciality. We are also a ‘one stop shop’ for Plastic materials, machining, routing and injection moulding.

Apart from developing the largest range of standard/special transmission, indexing and positioning belting products, Transmission Developments has successfully incorporated an extensive range of gears, chains and plastics products, most of which can be found in this catalogue.

We believe that the off the shelf availability of all standard products, backed by our manufacturing of specials, coupled with highly-trained competent staff is the key to customer loyalty. Notwithstanding, of course, the importance of representing some of the most vital brands in the industry such as SYNCHROFLEX®, BRECO®, BRECOFLEX®, CONTITECH®, VOLTA®, WIPPERMANN, TYC®, PERSPEX® and more.


TransDev Firsts

  • First UK Manufacturer of Special Timing Pulleys
  • First to introduce Polyurethane Timing Belts to the UK
  • First Jointed Timing Belts in the UK

General Information

  • A British company based in Poole, Dorset
  • 8M+ Turnover
  • 4300+ global customers
  • 1000+ trade and distribution customers
  • 50 years of experience
  • 70,000 sq ft of owned floor space

TransDev Standard Products in Numbers

  • Orders taken before 4.30pm despatched the same day
  • Integrated MRP system enables seamless and fast ordering
  • 96% of all calls answered within 20 seconds
  • 99% picking accuracy levels
  • Over 70% of stock held in automatic storage and retrieval machines
  • 1600m2 of static racking
  • Over 44,000 separate products held in stock
  • Over £2m of stock held
  • 98% in-stock ratio

TransDev Special Manufacturing in Numbers

  • 17,000 pulleys, gears and sprockets manufactured per month
  • 99.7% of special manufacturing orders completed to specification

TransDev Special Belts

TransDev Special Belts in Numbers

  • One of the largest stock profiles outside Germany with 35,000 metres of belting in stock
  • Capacity to produce 2,500 Jointed Belts per month
  • Typcially produce 600 Backed Belts per month
  • 99.9% of special belting orders completed to specification

TransDev Plastics

TransDev Plastics in Numbers

  • Over 100 different materials
  • Over 1000 special machined plastic components produced each month
  • Over 20 years of experience in machining almost all commercially available materials
  • 99.8% of manufacturing orders completed to specification
TransDev infographic

February 11, 1953

Mr Stuart Osborne

Family-owned company founded in 1953 by Mr. W.S.H. Osborne as Stuart Heywood Engineering Ltd to produce components for vehicle manufacturers.

February 11, 1957

Belt and Pulleys

In 1957 we were the first company in the UK to make special timing pulleys.

February 11, 1965

Synchroflex many belts

Changed name circa 1965 to Transmission Developments Company to reflect the growing importance of timing belts and pulleys to the company.

June 1, 1965

Synchroflex Belts

Introduction of SYNCHROFLEX Timing Belts from ContiTech to the UK.

January 1, 1975

Transplas Building

Further growth resulted in a move to Hamworthy Industrial Estate in Poole, to take advantage of 3000 sq ft of floor space.

June 1, 1985

Mrs J Osborne

Control of Transmission Developments passes to Mrs J Osborne. Her vision drives new investment, an expansion of products and services and a restructuring of the company.

July 1, 1985

Wipperman Chains

In a natural move to complement its belting products TransDev opens a Chain division. The continuing investment by Mrs Osborne sees new chain brands such as Wippermann, TYC and Witra sitting alongside the leading belting brands TransDev has already become known for.

August 1, 1985

Display Plastics

As part of the major expansion of TransDev, started by Mrs Osborne, a Plastics Division is formed (Transplas). This new Division will manufacture plastic wear strips and guide-rails for belts and chain as well as stock a wide range of semi-finished display and engineering plastics.

January 1, 2005


Control passes to second Osborne family generation, Ian and Carole Osborne. They utilise their experience gained in the wider industry and at TransDev to continue to build on the legacy of their mother Mrs Osborne.

June 1, 2005

Efficient Kardex Storage and Retrieval

Further investment in warehouse to support growth including Kardex storage and retrieval systems.

April 1, 2015

TransDev logo

Celebrating over 50 years of history, TransDev looks to the future with refreshed brand imagery and further investment in infrastructure and people.


TransDev Products

Today, TransDev has four major business activity areas with 100 employees in 70,000 square feet of production and warehousing space.