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About the UK’s leading Mechanical Power Transmission Specialist

About the UK’s leading Mechanical Power Transmission Specialist

Transmission Developments started life over fifty years ago as a specialist manufacturer of timing pulleys. Since then we have always aimed to set the highest of standards in power transmission.

In the early days the company’s founder, Mr. Stuart Osborne, introduced the, then all new, polyurethane metric pitch “Synchroflex® Timing Belt” to a British industry that still worked in imperial measurements! The complete drive concept was the foundation of a company that has grown into the largest independent, family owned, manufacturer and supplier of transmission belting and related products in the UK.

Continuing the work of Mr Stuart Osborne, Mrs J Osborne drove new investment and oversaw a restructuring of the company. Her vision enabled new product areas, such as plastics and chain and the development of the warehouse as a major distribution hub.

Today, thanks to the determination of our founders and a solid financial base, we remain focused on quality, service and our thousands of global customers.

I welcome your feedback and thank you for your business

Chris Cowler
Managing Director




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