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Looking for a unique belt specification? Unable to source standard belts to meet your requirements? Do you require belt backings, flights or profiles for specialist applications?

TransDev’s Special Belts Division has the expertise and capabilities to fulfil the most exacting of belting briefs. We have the largest Special Belt machining capabilities in the UK. State of the art equipment has enabled TransDev to manufacture some of the most complex belts ever made, many within microns of pitch accuracy.


  • Dedicated sales team with exceptional product knowledge.
  • Fast quotations: Standard (jointed, open etc) belt prices given over the phone and most specials to drawing are quoted within 1hr.
  • Competitive pricing.


  • Need Help? TransDev has a team of technical experts in all aspects of drive design technology waiting to help.
  • So respected within our industry as technical experts, TransDev run regular training days to help our customers design engineers.


  • In-process and full final inspection.
  • 99.9% of orders completed to specification.
  • All backed up by our ISO 9001: 2015 certification.


  • Excellent on-time delivery performance.
  • Next day delivery on jointed belts ordered as late as 4:30pm
  • Profiled and Backed belts normal lead-time is only 1–2 wks.

Special Belts Facilities and Expertise

TransDev has a dedicated sales team with exceptional product knowledge across standard and Special Belts. Fast quotations are provided for Standard and Special Belts (jointed, open, backed etc.), including over the phone. Most Special Belts are quoted within 1 hour and our competitive pricing reflects our status as a manufacturer as well as supplier.

We utilise CNC machinery to grind, slit, punch and slot belts and can also manufacture, fit and grind standard or special made profiles of any shape up to 800mm in width. Our specialist machines can weld belts up to 800mm in width and are among the fastest in our Industry.

  • We have the capacity to produce over 2,500 Jointed Belts each month
  • One of the largest stock profiles in Europe
  • 35,000 metres of belting in stock
  • Jointed belts available from stock
  • Wide Belts available up to 800mm in width
  • FDA and JFS food quality materials
BRECObasic Belt Backings
Haul Down Belts

Transback Backed Belts

TransDev typically produces over 600 backed belts each month, with 26 different backing materials available, all from stock.

  • Special backings are available to suit all applications
  • Vulcanized backings (no joint) available on belts up to 3 metres in length
  • CNC grinding, grooving and slitting of belts up to 120 metres in length
  • Bonded materials are available to suit many applications
  • High friction, low friction, soft, hard or compressible backings
  • Experts in Haul-off belts for the packaging, plastic and cable industries
  • All belt backings can be special machined/ ground to drawing
TransDev Sausage Belts

Autoclaved Backed Belts

TransDev continuously backed timing belts ensure that there is no join to fail. If you need a backed belt that can run in either direction, with a backing that is an integral part of the belt, then you need a TransDev Autoclaved timing belt.

  • 6 special types of rubber held in stock
  • New materials can be developed to suit your special requirements
  • All the popular haul-down belts and sausage belts are available from stock