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Metric Spur Gears

Range Features

  • 0.5-8.0 MOD
  • Steel EN8, (080M40/080M46) or equivalent
  • Stainless Steel AISI 303/304
  • Moulded Nylon 6 (PA6), 30% Glass filled
  • Moulded HOSTAFORM®
  • Moulded DELRIN® 500
  • Also available in Blue Acetal food grade material
  • Intermediate sizes and special gears to drawing


What is a Spur Gear?

Spur gears are the most common and simplest form of gear. They are a type of cylindrical gear and belong to the Parallel shaft gear group.

What does a Spur Gear look like?

Spur gears are cylindrical gears with teeth projecting from the outside radius. Those teeth have straight edges and are aligned in parallel to the axis of rotation. Where a meshed pair of spur gears are of differing sizes, the larger spur gear is called the gear and smaller spur gear is called the pinion.

How does a Spur Gear work?

When two parallel shafts are rotated, power and motion are transmitted via the meshed teeth of the spur gears. They do not transmit any axial force (thrust load).

What does a Spur Gear do?

Spur gears can decrease or increase power (torque). When many spur gears are used together, they can create very large gear reductions.

Where is a Spur Gear used?

Spur gears are used in applications where thrust load is not a requirement and noise is less of an issue. Example applications include; electric screwdrivers, clothes dryers, fuel pumps, oscillating sprinklers, wind-up alarm clocks, washing machines, blenders, mills and construction equipment.

Good to know about Spur Gears?

Spur gears can be loud as a result of the engagement of the meshed teeth. The collision of each tooth as it engages both causes noise and stress to the gear teeth.

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