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Ordering your VFFS Belts

Ordering your VFFS Belts

TransDev holds a large stock of Draw Down belts for fast delivery. For the trade, we offer contract prices for most popular belts, so that you can supply a small quantity of belts at very competitive prices. TransDev can also hold stock for customers to call-off so that even special constructions of belts can be available on a quick delivery.

Identifying your Draw Down Belt

Getting the right Draw Down belt for your packaging machine is critical for its operation. Therefore to help customers identify their existing belts we have detailed the key points to look for. If in doubt send belt samples to TransDev for expert identification.

Base Belt

  • Base Belts can be Polyurethane or Rubber. Silicone Rubber backings can be applied to both Polyurethane and Rubber base belts.

Machined teeth

  • Measure tooth-free zone Many belts have tooth-free zones (slots) on tooth side to enable belts to run over a vacuum bed.


  • Many different backing/cover types are available.
  • Check hardness of backing with shore hardness tester.

Holes & Slots

  • Measure the hole diameter on tooth side and top surface. Some holes are counter sunk- e.g. Rovema belts.
  • Check pitch of holes.
  • Check top surface for slots and angles; measure width, length and depth.

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