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VFFS Machine Brands

VFFS Machine Brands

TransDev hold a massive database of original machine belt types and part numbers. We provide expert technical support, assisting our customers in correctly identifying which Draw Down Belt they require. Below are just a few of the many types available directly from TransDev.

1: Sandiacre vacuum belts – 
270 L 100 ETC LXM B

2: Ishida vacuum belts – Black Rubber H section base belt with ETC LXM B and vacuum holes

3: TNA – Black Neoprene vacuum belts

High gloss finish on silicone

Hayssen/Sandiacre  vacuum belts
225L 100 ETC TP40R, 225L 100 ETC LXMB, 270H 200, 270L 100 ETC TP40R

50 T10 630 belts – Black Rubber base and ETC TP40R backing.
Counter sunk holes.

50 T10 920 vacuum belts – yellow foam LH RH slots.

30 T10 920 belt with special high grip thin, translucent silicone backing.

Also available: EaglePack, Fuji Machinery, Gainsborough, GIC, Ilapak, Matrix Packaging, Ricciarelli

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