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Synchrodrive® belts

CONTI® SYNCHRODRIVE belts are power transmission elements made from a highly durable black polyurethane elastomer incorporating steel-tension members.

CONTI® SYNCHRODRIVE belts can be used in the open-ended or joined-form. In all cases, they ensure that rotary motion is transmitted uniformly and with angular precision. Joined belt strength is approximately half the strength of the parent material.

Compact drive design

High dynamic stability and flexibility allows the use of small pulley diameters, small centre distances, and reverse idlers. This enables a lightweight, low-cost drive setup with less space requirement.

High efficiency

The superb flexural properties of the synchronous drive belt as well as the exact dimensional meshing of the belt and pulley tooth form permit drives with an efficiency of 98%.

CONTI® SYNCHRODRIVE belts are resistant to

  • Wear
  • Oil and grease
  • Petrol and benzene
  • Hydrolysis
  • UV and ozone
  • Temperatures ranging from – 10°C to +80°C

Polyurethane teeth and backing

Belt teeth and backing are made from a tough polyurethane elastomer with excellent adhesion to the tension member. The high wear resistance of the polyurethane ensures trouble-free drive performance and a long service life. These features are
enhanced even more by the balanced layout of the tension cords.

Steel-cord tension member

Synchronous drive belts for positive drive systems must have a high resistance to elongation and a high tensile strength. Extra-strong steel tension cords, laid parallel to the belt edges, guarantee the belt’s high loading capacity and accurate running properties.

Synchrodrive pulleys

Synchrodrive belts run on our standard stock HTD pulleys, for pilot bore and taper bush type. Alternatively we can quote for modified or special pulleys contact .

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